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Sharks are top predators, yet are highly vulnerable to overexploitation and many populations are collapsing. Sharks mature late, reproduce infrequently, have few pups per litter, and are overfished globally. The Institute is on the frontlines of shark research and conservation.

Designing Shark Sanctuaries in Belize

Pew Global Shark Assessment

DNA Fingerprinting

Improving Management of Sharks

Shark Genetics and Breeding

Sharks of the Open Ocean Book


Nurse shark
Nurse shark on seagrass flat, Glover's Reef Atoll.
photo by Tim Calver

Great white mako shark
Great White Shark
Photo Credit: J. Valetta
A small mako shark hooked (and later released) during a tuna fishing trip off Cape Town, South Africa.
Photo: Fiona Ayerst/Marine Photobank
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