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Christine Santora, Assistant Director


Christine Santora is our Assistant Director and has been with the institute since its inception. She has eighteen years of experience working on a variety of marine science and policy issues and currently focuses on marine protected areas, fisheries management, and estuary restoration. One of her favorite aspects of the job is getting the chance to help build and promote the institute by developing programs, proposals, and strategic relationships. Christine is a Board Member of the Ocean Sanctuary Alliance, an organization affiliated with the  United Nations that brings together diplomats and scientists to explore solutions for the oceans and to emphasize the establishment and good management of science-based MPAs. She is also a leading member of the Shinnecock Bay Restoration Program at Stony Brook University’s Southampton campus, which uses shellfish and eelgrass restoration to improve degraded water quality in the bay. Prior to these long-running initiatives, Christine was Project Director of the Lenfest Forage Fish Task Force, a four-year scientific effort that developed recommendations and ecosystem-based standards for the management of forage fish populations worldwide. 

She has co-authored dozens of peer-reviewed papers and reports over the course of her career, including a flagship paper on Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management published in the journal, Science. She is a proud alumna of the University of Rhode Island Marine Affairs Program, where she earned her graduate degree from 2000-2002. 

Christine has a passion for travel and a love of nature, qualities she hopes her two sons will inherit. 

She enjoys hiking, paddle boarding, bocce, and keeps on trying to get better at skiing and tennis.  

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