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Shinnecock Bay Restoration Program (ShiRP)

  taggng a fluke
  Sara Cernadas and Dr. Ellen Pikitch, tagging a fluke.

PIs: Drs. Ellen Pikitch and Demian Chapman, Institute for Ocean Conservation Science, and Drs. Christopher Gobler and Bradley Peterson, School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences at Stony Brook University.

The Shinnecock Bay Restoration Program (ShiRP) was created in 2012 to combat the deterioration of Shinnecock Bay. Our goal is to use science, outreach, and partnerships to restore the water quality and fisheries of Shinnecock Bay.

Stony Brook University's School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) along with its Institute for Ocean Conservation Science (IOCS) founded the program to return the bay to its former health. Scientists and students are continually monitoring water quality and performing baseline studies to understand the dynamics of the bay environment. This research directly informs our restoration efforts, which includes replenishing eelgrass beds and shellfish populations. These actions promote natural filtration and enrich the habitat needed to support the diversity of plants and animals living in the bay.

IOCS staff and students are spearheading a multi-year trawl study to gather baseline data of the animals and plants living in the bay. This survey will allow us to learn more about the fish and invertebrate communities in the bay, their patterns, and habitat use. In 2014, IOCS began an acoustic tagging study to learn more specifically about how summer flounder, or fluke, utilize the bay.

IOCS also is intimately involved in community outreach to increase awareness and participation in the program.

More information can be found at

IOCS Training Team   Pikitch and Chapman
IOCS Trawling Team: Sara Cernadas, Konstantine Rountos, Doug Jiminez (volunteer), Christine Santora, Ellen Pikitch   Co-PI’s Ellen Pikitch and Demian Chapman deploy underwater cameras into Shinnecock Bay to collect video footage of marine fauna.
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