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Sturgeons worldwide have been overfished nearly to extinction in pursuit of their prized caviar eggs, and their habitat is being destroyed. The Institute is an international leader in research efforts to conserve these ancient fish and raise consumer consciousness.

Caviar Emptor - Educating the Consumer

US Sturgeon Conservation

Special Press Release: The prognosis is poor, but there is hope.


Sturgeon in Caspian
Phaedra Doukakis (left) and Ellen Pikitch (right) and Kazakh hatchery workers hold beluga sturgeon
that was tagged and later returned to the Caspian Sea.
Photo: Shannon Crownover Courtesy of: Caviar Emptor

U.S. sturgeon
Atlantic sturgeon being lifted to a cradle for tagging by New York State Department of Environmental
Conservation staff (foreground) and fisheries consultant Dan Erickson (background) on Hudson River.
Photo credit: Photo by Phil Kanrass,

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