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Robert Steneck


University of Maine
School of Marine Sciences

Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University
Ecology and Evolution, 1982

Research Expertise

Marine Ecology And Evolution
Community Structure And Function, Fisheries Management
Food Webs
Coral Reefs
Sea Urchins




Dr. Robert Steneck is a Professor at the Darling Marine Center at the University of Maine. He studies ecological and evolutionary processes in both tropical and temperate marine and coastal environments. He is an expert in kelp forest and coral reef ecosystems, studying the interrelationships between lobsters, sea urchins and fish stocks in the Gulf of Maine and the ecology and geology of coral reefs in the Caribbean and tropical Pacific. Dr. Steneck has examined the functional anatomy and morphology of algae, herbivorous snails, predatory crabs, lobsters and urchins as a means of understanding how they influence ecological processes in the Gulf of Maine. He has also extensively studied the taxonomy, ecology, and evolution of coralline algae around the world, and is currently focusing on applying ecological approaches to the management of coral reef ecosystems.

Dr. Steneck has authored more than one hundred peer-reviewed scientific publications and book chapters, and was awarded fellowships by the Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He has served on several Scientific Advisory Committees and continues to conduct fieldwork in the Gulf of Maine and around the world.


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Recent Selected Publcations

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