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Ellen Pikitch


Wadsworth Endowed Chair in Conservation Science
Director of the Center for Penguins as Ocean Sentinels

Professor, Biology
Adjunct Professor, Women Studies
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington

Ph.D., Ohio State University
Zoology, 1974

Research Expertise

Conservation Science
Environmental Change
Anthropogenic Effects




Dr. P. Dee Boersma holds the Wadsworth Endowed Chair in Conservation Science at the University of Washington, and since 1998 has been a professor of Biology in the Biology Department and an adjunct faculty member in the Women Studies Department. She is also a Research Fellow of the Wildlife Conservation Society, directing the Penguin Project in Punta Tombo, Argentina, the largest Magellanic penguin colony in the world. For 29 years Dr. Boersma has assessed the biological characteristics of these penguins, documenting foraging patterns, migratory routes, and anthropogenic threats to their survival. Her work led to direct conservation action, such as preventing the harvest of penguins for gloves, meat and oil; and shifting tanker lanes away from the Argentine coast to prevent ship discharge from impacting penguins in their foraging and migration along the Provincial coast of Chubut.

Dr. Boersma’s research uses seabirds as indicators of environmental change. The effects of climate variation are now evident on penguin colonies in the southern Atlantic and Pacific regions. Her work on Galapagos penguins was the first to show that El Niño events had profound impacts well beyond the coast of South America. Dr. Boersma has published numerous articles in scientific journals, and is the founder and current Executive Editor of Conservation, an award-winning conservation magazine she launched in 2000. She recently co-edited the book "Penguins: Natural History and Conservation."


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Recent Selected Publcations

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